Curriculum Vitae

Born 10 January 1978
Place Delft, the Netherlands

MA, Sandberg institute Amsterdam, the Netherlands                        2005 –2007
BA, Academy Minerva Groningen, the Netherlands                            2001 – 2005


2014   – Public interventions at CAP, with Social Institute, Replacing Concrete Sculptures and Part 3, Corinthos (GR)
2013  – ‘Iedereen’, at De Service Garage, with The pleasure of reading books, Amsterdam (NL)
2013  – ‘Modern Times Cycles’ at EYE, with project 1, curator Sacha Bronwasser, Amsterdam (NL)
2012  – ‘I Say You’ at De Service Garage, with Tower VII, Amsterdam (NL)
2012  – ‘Blue print’ at Arti et Amicitea, with Transformation, Amsterdam (NL)
2010  – Now you see it, now you don’t at Tuyap, with One step #2, Istanbul (Turkey)
2010  – cartartfestival, with project 1&3, Delft (NL)
2010  -‘Derivation’ at Skaanes konst, With Persistent Proposals, Malmo (Sweden)
2010  -‘Berlijn/Amsterdam’ at Forgotten Bar, with Persistent Errors, Berlin (DE)
2009  -‘Let’s take it outside’ at De Service Garage, with digital self-portrait, Amsterdam (NL).
2009  -‘Polderlicht’ at a public area, with Tower V&VI, Amsterdam (NL).
2009  -‘Constructional friction’ at RC De Ruimte, with One Step, Ijmuiden(NL).
2008  -‘KOUD’ at De Service Garage, with President, Amsterdam (NL).
2008  -‘Hier & Daar at Bacinol exhibition space, with Guest, Delft (NL).
2008  -‘LUX’ at the Boulevard Festival, with Tower IV, pitches by bART, Den Bosch (NL).
2008  -‘Paradox’ at the gardens of the Poptaslot, with tower III, curator Christine Seghers, Marsum (NL).
2008  -‘Kunstvlaai 7 API’, with Expulsion, pitched by the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam (NL).
2008  -‘Spirit of a place’ at Virtual-museum zuidas, with perfect world, coached by Mark Kremer and Jellichje Reinsma, Amsterdam (NL)
2007  -‘Opening’ at Service garage’, with Guest, Amsterdam (NL).
2007  -‘Here There’ at Chinese European Art Centre, with Guest, curators Xian Shing and Marjo van Baar, Xiamen (China).
2007  -‘Filtered’, screening different places, with transformation 1 and 2, curator Rachael D. Booth, (NL,UK,GE,FR,SP).
2007  -‘Demolition’ at Site Gallery Albert Dock, with Projects, curator Tomas Harold, Liverpool (UK).
2007  -‘Foul Side of the Sun’ at Wittenburgerplaats, with project1 and project3, Amsterdam (NL).
2007  -untitled at Horsemove exhibition space, with Security Tower II, Amsterdam (NL).
2006  -‘The way thing could be pink’, Solo at Medium gallery, Groningen (NL).
2006  -‘Moving’ at Institute of Contemporary Arts, with Project 1, in collaboration with Sander Houtkruier, London (UK)
2006  -‘Kunstvlaai 5’ with Laid back for gallery Sign Groningen, Amsterdam (NL).
2006  -‘Kunstvlaai 5’ with Build a Boat for gallery Het Langhuis, Amsterdam (NL).
2006  -‘Entrance only for Dutch people’ at Het Langhuis, with Nederlander, Zwolle (NL).
2005  -‘Transformations’, Solo at Gallery Sign, Groningen (NL).
2005  -‘Academy price 2005’ at Minerva, with Director and transformations, Groningen (NL).
2005  -‘Media art Festival Friesland’ with Two video’s, curator Nadine Bors, Leeuwarden (NL)

2012   -July 17th, I Say We, review at Frieze Magazine, by Irene de Craen.
2008  –July 30th, beeld licht zonder geluid, by Gerrit v. Hoeven.
2008  -June, Paradox, catalogue, by Christine Seghers.
2008  -May 15th, -Een keuze-, article, website, by Wytske Visser.
2008  -May, Arik Visser, article, website, by MA
2008  -April, This good feel is for you, catalogue, by professor Qin Jian.
2008  -April, geest van de plek, article, krant no.05, by Virtual-museum Zuidas.
2006  -Selected works, catalogue, by stichting Apartprize.
2006  -May 9th, Hardrock en politici met hoofddoekjes, article, NRC NEXT, by Sandra Smets.
2006  -April 20th, Kunstenaar woont in kunstwerk, article, Parool.
2006  -September, Prikkeldraad en pasteltinten, article, website, by merel Benjamin.
2005  -September/October, ontdek nu, catalogues, by Media Art Festival Friesland.


Prices and Funds
2010  -BKVB Fund, startstipendium, Amsterdam (NL) July
2008  –SKOR fund, for Expulsion, Amsterdam (NL) April
2006  -Nomination, Apartprice, Maastricht (NL), June
2005  -Nomination, “Klaas Dijkstra Academy Price”, Nominated by Lisette Smits with my graduation work, Groningen (NL), May
2004  -Nomination, The One Minute Award, One minute’s film contest, Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL),   January


Teaching experience

2012 – Guest teacher, st. Joost Academy, Breda The Netherlands, April.
2010 – Lecture at Black Door Project Space, Istanbul Turkye, November.
2007  -Guest teacher, Xiamen University, Xiamen China October/November.
2007  -Lecture for Post Graduates, Xiamen University, Xiamen China, September.
2006  -Lecture and guest teacher, during workshop ‘social sculpture 2’ by Ulrike Muntmann, Academy Minerva, Groningen (NL), January